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Sleepy Animal Club releases first single, "Suspended in Stillness"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

Addam Farmer's new age "Sleepy Animal Club" will sure to relax all of your senses

New Age Ambient music has long been a refuge for those seeking solace from the frenetic pace of life, and SLEEPY ANIMAL CLUB's latest single, "Suspended in Stillness," proves to be no exception. The brainchild of talented multi-instrumentalist Addam Farmer, Sleepy Animal Club has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the realm of immersive, healing soundscapes.

"Suspended in Stillness" is a masterfully crafted New Age Ambient track, weaving together hypnotic drone sounds with deep, resonant synths to create an auditory experience akin to floating in a sensory deprivation tank. The track's minimalistic approach to melody and harmony allows the listener's mind to drift gently, guided by the ebb and flow of the music. It is a song that envelops you in tranquility, as if suspended between waking and dreaming.

Farmer's skillful manipulation of timbre and texture is on full display in this composition. The deep, warm synths anchor the piece, providing a sonic foundation that is both comforting and grounding. At the same time, the droning sounds shimmer and undulate, creating a sense of motion that is both soothing and entrancing. This interplay between stability and movement keeps the listener engaged while still maintaining an overall atmosphere of repose.

The production on "Suspended in Stillness" is pristine, allowing the rich layers of sound to meld together seamlessly. Each element is given ample space to breathe and develop, resulting in a track that feels expansive and enveloping. Farmer's attention to detail in the mixing and mastering process ensures that the song remains engaging from start to finish, never overwhelming the senses but still providing a deep, immersive experience.

"Suspended in Stillness" is a testament to Sleepy Animal Club's mastery of the New Age Ambient genre. Addam Farmer has delivered a brilliant, soothing track that is as captivating as it is calming. It is an essential addition to any relaxation playlist, and a shining example of the healing power of music. Let your mind wander and your soul find solace in the serene embrace of "Suspended in Stillness" by Sleepy Animal Club.


Addam Farmer

Check out SUSPENDED IN STILLNESS by Sleepy Animal Club below!👇


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