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James McGrath - "Hold On "

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

An Epic Folk Anthem of Resilience

In today's folk scene, it's rare to find songs that blend authentic, deep lyrical insights with compelling singable melodies. James McGrath’s latest single, "Hold On," stands out as such a piece, capturing the essence of daily struggles with poetic elegance that resonates deeply.

Recorded under the skilled hands of Peter Klett of Klett Productions, known for his legacy with the grunge band Candlebox, "Hold On" delivers a rich, evocative sound that defines the spirit of indie music. The song starts with an enigmatic, mysterious & edgy acoustic guitar, setting a reflective ambiance that pulls listeners into a narrative filled with hardship and hope.

James McGrath’s vocals, which echo the depth of Coldplay's Chris Martin and the fervor of Beck, propel the song's emotional depth. The dark, introspective verses build toward choruses that burst with an uplifting message to endure through tough times. This dynamic range showcases McGrath’s vocal versatility and mirrors the journey from despair to determination expressed in the lyrics.

The song’s words paint vivid scenes from life's more challenging moments—loss, despair, and the mundane battles of the everyday. Yet, the refrain, "Makin' rollies from the ashtray - But I hold on, hold on" serves as a powerful cry for resilience, turning the song into an anthem for anyone facing adversity.


James McGrath’s vocals, which echo the depth of Coldplay's Chris Martin and the fervor of Beck, propel the song's emotional depth.


Together with Shamrock Records in Bristol, Tennessee, McGrath looks forward to a promising summer filled with festival appearances across Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Europe. In the midst of these travels, he is also crafting his debut full studio album, expected to release in early fall, produced by Peter Maher at Middlewalk Studios in County Tipperary, Ireland.

For fans and new listeners alike, James McGrath’s musical journey and his upcoming album are eagerly anticipated. His connection to Shane McGowan of The Pogues, coupled with his unique artistic voice, marks McGrath as a significant emerging figure in the indie folk landscape.

As "Hold On" resonates through speakers, it does more than just fill the room with sound—it fills the spirit with a renewed sense of hope and the strength to persevere. It's more than just a song; it's a companion for life's trials.

Check out "Hold On" by James McGrath below!👇


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