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SIRENBLUE - "Hit Like and Carry On "

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Plugged In and Breaking Out; Turning Up the Volume of Life

From the legendary musical landscape of the UK, Sirenblue re-emerges with "Hit Like and Carry On," an album that bursts with the energy of history's greatest power-pop bands infused with modern indie rock's introspective soul. This dynamic collection of eleven tracks takes listeners on a melodious journey that not only resonates with catchy tunes but also paints a vivid picture of the modern digital dilemma.

The album kicks off with "Out of Here," making a grand entrance with Jason Turner's Van Halen-esque guitar solo that unfolds into a rich ensemble performance. Collette Horne's vocals are a dynamic blend reminiscent of Stevie Nicks' charm and Geddy Lee’s intensity, topped with a dash of Blondie's punk attitude. The song concludes with a haunting piano and guitar duet, setting a high standard for the rest of the album.

"Empty" follows, maintaining the high energy with its groovy pop-rock rhythm and powerful, distorted guitars that nod to the iconic sounds of Muse. The uplifting bridge of the song brings a burst of inspiration, showcasing Sirenblue's ability to craft songs that are both musically complex and emotionally engaging.

"Echo Chamber" introduces a lighter, synth-based sound with a playful edge that recalls The Talking Heads, yet it carries a modern punch akin to Keane. The harmonies are lush and enveloping, bathing the glorious lead vocals by Neil David in a warmth reminiscent of The Eagles, making this track particularly memorable for its potential soundtrack quality.

As the album progresses, tracks like "Live a Lie" and "Obsolete" delve deeper into the band's lyrical and musical exploration. The former is an enigmatic blend of folksy rhythms and experimental sounds, while the latter captivates with a Flaming Lips-inspired guitar riff that is both atmospheric and grounding.

Further exploring the album’s thematic and musical breadth, "Is This It" and "Lonely" display the band's versatility—from psychedelic vibes to intense rock anthems that compel listeners to headbang in approval, echoing the prowess of bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica. The intensity from Rich Lucas' drumming pared with Karl Manners bass is so moving it vibrates deep within the soul.

The energetic "At Night" and the intense "Pieces" continue to assert the band’s mastery over their genre, each track vibrating with an infectious energy that’s impossible to resist. "Maybe" shifts the mood to a softer, more reflective tone, beautifully preparing the listener for the album's climactic conclusion.


The album kicks off with "Out of Here," making a grand entrance with Jason Turner's Van Halen-esque guitar solo that unfolds into a rich ensemble performance.


"Follow Your Heart" serves as the album's powerful finale. It charges ahead with uplifting guitar solos and a rhythm section that triumphs with confidence and clarity. It’s an anthem about living authentically and passionately, encapsulating the album's central theme of real human connections in the digital age.

"Hit Like and Carry On" is not merely a collection of songs; it's a masterful display of Sirenblue's growth and their sharp insight into contemporary life. Each track is a reminder of the power of music to connect us, inspire us, and challenge us to engage more deeply with the world around us. With "Hit Like and Carry On", Sirenblue doesn't just hit the mark—they set an entirely new standard for modern rock and roll.

Check out "Hit Like and Carry On" by SIRENBLUE below!👇


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