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HAL SAVAR - "Violet's Song"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Discover the Magic of Fatherhood with Hal Savar's "Violet's Song"

Hal Savar has crafted a beautiful ode to parenthood with his latest single, "Violet's Song," (featuring the enchanting vocal harmonies of Jan Jan). The track takes listeners on a musical journey through the eyes of a father; particularly exploring the amazing, superhero-esque connection between a dad and his daughter.

Setting the stage with an atmosphere of birds and children playing, "Violet's Song" immediately paints a vivid, sonic picture of a sunny day- followed by its upbeat reggae-rhythm foundation reminiscent of UB40's legendary feel-good sound. The track's buoyant acoustic guitar arpeggiation and playful glockenspiel melody create a beautiful set-up for Savar's captivating vocal performance: a soothing-yet-exhilarating blend of Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, and Dave Matthews.

Jan Jan's harmonies elevate the track to new heights during the chorus-her angelic voice weaving effortlessly with Savar's raspy, passion-filled timbre. The chorus itself is a heartfelt testament to the transformative power of parenthood:

"Always thought I was a Superman,

But that only happened when you held my hand.

A million miles couldn't keep me away,

I'll always be right here to stay.

After all the superpowers I wish that I had,

Nothing compares to being your Dad"

Drawing on his own experiences as a father, Savar captures the essence of what it feels like to be a father - a love for his daughter which makes anyone feel as powerful as a superhero. The song's bright, outdoor vibe encapsulates the wonder and love experienced in his father-daughter bond, while its reggae-inspired arrangement makes "Violet's Song" a universally appealing anthem for parents and children alike.


Savar: "After all the superpowers I wish that I had, nothing compares to being your Dad."


As the outro fades out with a classic instrumental jam session, listeners are reminded of Savar's deep-rooted passion for music—a gift he has nurtured since his days as a self-taught musician, and one that continues to shine throughout his illustrious career. With his docu-series "Highway to Hal" and an ambitious plan to release a new single every 5-6 weeks, Hal Savar continues to captivate audiences with his soulful, genuine artistry.

"Violet's Song" stands as a testament to HAL SAVAR's ability to create powerful, passionate music that transcends genres. It's a beautiful, feel-good anthem celebrating the unexplainable, amazing connection between a father & his daughter.

Check out "Violet's Song" by HAL SAVAR below!👇


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