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JO POTTER - "Rocks"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Multi-Dimensional Sonic Journey

JO POTTER dazzles anew with her dual-format EP, "Rocks" - a collection that showcases three tracks in both acoustic and electric iterations, unfolding in a rich and vibrant sonic experience that transports the listener through alternate dimensions.

The EP initiates with "Whiskey Haze (Acoustic)", where an enchanting, captivating acoustic guitar riff sets the stage for JO POTTER's impassioned vocals. Reminiscent of legends like Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, her voice breathes life into the soul-stirring chorus, "This Whiskey Haze gets me over you." The glorious chord structure rises as the melody ascends, capturing the liberation of moving past a lost love.

Next, "Desire" grabs the listener with its dramatic stomp-clap rhythm and surrounding acoustic guitar that pull you into a danceable landscape. JO's vocals are a siren call, rich with raw emotion that resonates deeply in the song's fiery plea. The musical arrangement is both upbeat and irresistibly engaging, showcasing the intensity of her thematic exploration.

"Troubled" (Acoustic) offers a gentler reflection via an indie folk arrangement, with soothing bongos alongside the strums of the guitars. This track carries a grandiose cinematic quality that could seamlessly grace any film soundtrack.

The transformation in the electric versions begins with "Whiskey Haze," which bursts forth with a Led Zeppelin-esque vigor. The guitars drive hard and JO POTTER's vocals soar, taking the song to exhilarating new heights, imbued with rock and roll spirit.

In its electric form, "Desire" shifts to echo a Black Keys-style rock anthem, with a more intense and compelling instrumental arrangement. JO POTTER's relaxed vocal delivery juxtaposed against this backdrop adds a clever twist to the original's allure, showcasing her skill in musical innovation.

Closing the EP, the electric version of "Troubled" sways with an intense vintage band vibe. JO's vocals ascend into the stratosphere, supported by lush harmonies and a melodically rich Paul McCartney-esuqe bass line that underscores the narrative of personal struggle and eventual introspection.


The EP initiates with "Whiskey Haze (Acoustic)", where an enchanting, captivating acoustic guitar riff sets the stage for JO POTTER's impassioned vocals.


With "Rocks," JO POTTER skillfully bridges the intimate and the intense, presenting a collection that showcases her musical breadth through acoustic warmth and electric fervor. This EP demonstrates her talent for crafting songs that engage and resonate, whether through the delicate strumming of a guitar or the bold strokes of electric riffs.

As JO herself states, the EP represents her ambition to experiment and appeal to a broader audience by exploring the dual sonic identities of each track. This innovative approach not only highlights her versatility as an artist but also invites listeners on a journey through contrasting landscapes of sound.

JO POTTER's "Rocks" is a vivid exploration of musical expression, from the tender nuances of acoustic melodies to the raw power of electric arrangements. JO POTTER not only redefines musical boundaries with this release but also reinforces her place as a formidable force in contemporary rock music, captivating a spectrum of fans with her dynamic and heartfelt performances.

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