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ZACHARY CAMPOS presents EP, "Profound Knowledge"

Updated: Apr 12

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Intense Echoes of Inspiration

In the rich landscape of modern punk, where authenticity and raw creativity converge, ZACHARY CAMPOS' EP “Profound Knowledge” emerges as a luminous showcase of artistic depth and emotional resonance. From the electrifying strums of "Flow" to the reflective tranquility of "Calm," CAMPOS guides listeners on a captivating journey through the terrains of inner peace and the relentless quest for inspiration.

The EP begins with "Flow," where powerful guitar chords meld with gritty drums, setting a tone that is as much about the melody as it is about the message. ZACHARY CAMPOS’ vocals surge with clarity and passion, seizing the listener's attention and embodying the EP's spirit of ceaseless inspiration.

Following is "Spirituality," a track that blends punk rock's rebellious energy with the catchy essence of pop punk through its groovy bass lines and uplifting melodies. Here, ZACHARY CAMPOS transcends musical genres, creating a sound distinctly his own. The vocals, reminiscent of The Strokes, add a layer of sophistication and allure, making "Spirituality" an unforgettable anthem of joy and ascension.

As the EP unfolds, tracks like "Waves" and "Soul" dive deeper into the thematic core of “Profound Knowledge.” "Waves," with its surf-style bass and ethereal vocal distortion, perfectly captures the fluidity and ever-changing nature of existence. Meanwhile, "Soul" explores a darker, more introspective side of CAMPOS, with its gothic punk flair and haunting chord progressions, exploring the complexities of the human experience.

The EP reaches its zenith with "Calm," a track that encapsulates the EP's overarching theme of serenity amidst turmoil. The lyrics, “Calm in the night Words that I write What I do love High up above I’m here today And I’m okay Divine presence In the essence I’m feeling free I’m proud of me,” serve as a serene affirmation of self-acceptance and inner peace. It concludes the EP on a note of upliftment and contemplation, perfectly echoing its central message of tranquility.


ZACHARY CAMPOS’ vocals surge with clarity and passion, seizing the listener's attention and embodying the EP's spirit of ceaseless inspiration.


Drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of musical influences, including the innovative spirits of the Beastie Boys’ “Check Your Head,” Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures,” and Rakim’s “The Master,” ZACHARY CAMPOS has sculpted an EP that vibrates with the spirit of creativity and introspection. The diverse sound of “Profound Knowledge” mirrors his unique amalgamation of old-school hip-hop, classic punk, and indie rock, firmly rooted in his personal experiences and introspective journey.

ZACHARY CAMPOS, with his profound lyrical depth and musical adaptability, has not merely created an EP but a haven for those seeking refuge in music. “Profound Knowledge” stands as a captivating invitation to embark on a journey of self-exploration, resilience, and, most importantly, inner peace. It resonates as a powerful narrative that encourages listeners to find fragments of their own stories within its melodies. This EP is an essential experience for anyone who cherishes the transformative power of music to inspire, heal, and enlighten.

Check out "Profound Knowledge"

by ZACHARY CAMPOS below! 👇


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