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MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Unleashing Nostalgic Vibes with a Modern Twist

PERSISTENT MIMES’ debut single "Here She Comes" is a vibrant, nostalgia-infused track that masterfully blends the eclectic sounds of 1990s pop rock with a distinctive contemporary flair. The song bursts forth with an engaging combination of harmonica and organ, underpinned by a lively drum beat that instantly sets an uplifting and groovy tone. This sonic delight transports listeners back to the golden age of pop rock, reminiscent of bands like Barenaked Ladies, yet it remains fresh and innovative.

PERSISTENT MIMES’ vocal performance in "Here She Comes" is a true stand-out, presenting a dynamic range that merges the earnest intensity of The Offspring and Bruce Springsteen with the quirky touches of Weezer. This unique vocal blend enriches the song, adding layers of emotional complexity to the music. The chorus is especially compelling, featuring stunning vocal harmonies that wrap the listener in an epic sound experience.

Lyrically, "Here She Comes" delves into the tumultuous dynamics of a dysfunctional relationship with both humor and depth. They tell a story of a long, reflective period of many nights for the protagonist, weaving a tale of personal turmoil and conflicted emotions with lines that strike a chord on a deeply personal level. The uplifting musical arrangement contrasts with the song’s more somber lyrical themes, creating a captivating dichotomy that is both engaging and moving.

The bridge of the song is an auditory spectacle indeed, with a giant, epic tom beat and a soaring harmonica solo that feels both raw and exhilarating. This section highlights the song's thematic tension and the protagonist's internal struggle, offering a musical release that is powerful and memorable.


PERSISTENT MIMES’ vocal performance in "Here She Comes" is a true stand-out, presenting a dynamic range that merges the earnest intensity of The Offspring and Bruce Springsteen with the quirky touches of Weezer.


PERSISTENT MIMES has crafted a song in "Here She Comes" that is not only a promising debut but also a vibrant introduction to their potential in the modern music landscape. The track’s ability to balance fun, infectious melodies with deeper, introspective content is a rare find. It’s a song that feels both familiar and innovative, making it a perfect lead single for their upcoming album.

"Here She Comes" is not just another alt-rock anthem; it's a proclamation of arrival for PERSISTENT MIMES. With this track, they promise not only a revival of cherished sounds but also the beginning of something new and thrilling. For fans of 90s pop rock seeking nostalgia with a modern twist, PERSISTENT MIMES is the new band to add to your playlist!

Check out "Here She Comes" by PERSISTENT MIMES below!👇


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