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YONA MARIE - "Wade in the Water"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Singing with the Angels: YONA MARIE’s 'Wade In The Water' Invokes God’s Presence

With a voice that simultaneously channels the depth of the ocean and the warmth of the sun, YONA MARIE brings new life to "Wade In The Water", turning it into a contemporary soul-stirring experience. This isn't merely a cover; it is a soulful odyssey that weaves through the rich tapestry of gospel history while infusing it with a vibrant, modern essence that captivates and rejuvenates the soul.

Emerging from the heart of Washington, DC, YONA MARIE is not just a musician; she is a luminary whose voice embodies the depth and resonance of a timeless saga. Her interpretation of this venerable spiritual is a masterpiece, echoing the exuberance and passion of musical titans like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Hudson. YONA MARIE's voice is a beacon in the night sky, guiding listeners through life's turbulent waters with a message of hope and rejuvenation.

The musical landscape of "Wade In The Water" is a symphony of soulful fusion. The rhythmic pulse of the drums intertwined with the uplifting melodies of the keyboards creates a backdrop that is both reflective and exhilarating. In this musical tapestry, YONA MARIE’s voice, potent and passionately funky (reminiscent of the legendary Stevie Wonder), stands as a pillar of strength, leading us through a metaphorical journey of troubled waters to a place of solace and courage.

The zenith of this musical voyage is the awe-inspiring acapella section. Here, the stunning vocal harmonies converge like a celestial choir, wrapping the listener in a sonic embrace that is both otherworldly and intimately grounding. This transcendent acapella conclusion is not just a musical triumph; it is a spiritual revelation, leaving listeners in a state of awe and wonder.

YONA MARIE's soul-stirring interpretation transforms "Wade In The Water" into a lyrical canvas of resilience and hope, resonating deeply with listeners from all walks of life. Carried by YONA MARIE's powerful performance, it remind us that within life's tempests and trials lies a divine purpose, guiding us through discomfort towards growth and enlightenment.


YONA MARIE's voice is a beacon in the night sky, guiding listeners through life's turbulent waters with a message of hope and rejuvenation.

YONA MARIE’s version of "Wade In The Water" transcends the realm of song. It is an emotional pilgrimage, a journey that redefines the essence of gospel music. This rendition is a lighthouse in the storm, offering a sonic embrace that elevates, heals, and transforms. It showcases YONA MARIE's exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to the craft, beautifully illustrating how music can touch the deepest parts of our soul and guide us towards a brighter, more hopeful horizon - a reminder that in all things, God has got our backs. ✨

Check out "Wade In The Water" by YONA MARIE below!👇

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