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TROY LINDSEY AND BOSAYA's collaborative album "The Battle"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

TROY LINDSEY and BOSAYA release "The Battle": A Harmonious Blend of Cultures - Troy Lindsey and Bosaya Unveil a Masterpiece of Unity in Turbulent Times

In an era riddled with chaos and division, a remarkable partnership between American musician Troy Lindsey and Russian singer Bosaya has given birth to a transcendent musical experience. "The Battle," a collaborative album with Russian producer and musician Vadim Zariuta, stands as a testament to the power of music in bringing people together, regardless of cultural and political boundaries.

The chance encounter between Troy, Bosaya, and Vadim in Moscow a decade ago has evolved into a formidable creative alliance. Following the release of the enchanting "Butterfly Emotion," the album navigates through a captivating sonic landscape, seamlessly blending Troy's Americana style with Bosaya's ethereal voice.

With its powerful title track, "The Battle" showcases a stirring duet between Troy and Bosaya, as she sings in Russian, echoing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The album is rife with remarkable songs such as "Kiss Me in the Morning," "Propaganda," "Quiet Game," "Lovers Tryst," "Old Enough To Know," "Eye of the Storm," "Bear Trap," and "PTSD." Each track is a testament to the artists' shared passion for unity and collaboration, while highlighting their individual strengths.



The making of "The Battle" exemplifies the power of serendipity and the importance of nurturing connections. From a chance meeting on the streets of Moscow to a fortuitous encounter with Shooter Jennings' drummer Scotty Schultz in America, this album is the product of a series of unexpected yet fruitful relationships. Assembling a team of skilled musicians, including members from Shooter Jennings' band, the project transformed into a profound artistic endeavor.

This captivating and cohesive album spans several years of Troy's songwriting, featuring stories of love, loss, loneliness, happiness, and anger. "The Battle" not only offers something for everyone but also serves as a reminder of the unifying power of music. With the world at odds, the collaboration between Troy Lindsey, Bosaya, and Vadim Zariuta is a beacon of hope and a celebration of the beauty that can arise from the harmonious blend of diverse cultures.

Check out the title track

"The Battle (feat. Bosaya)" by Troy Lindsey and Bosaya below!👇


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