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TONNER "Train to Paris"

A rare display of sonic vibrance

Hello all! MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia here with a brand new review for TONNER’s single, “Train to Paris.” While the song grooves and gives off some super “cool” vibes, it’s also very emotional. Tonner is able to do something not many artists can do - he paints a sonic picture, and it is VIBRANT.

“Train to Paris” starts with a delay-engulfed guitar line, followed by a 4-on-the-floor kick drum pattern. It creates an aural image as if one is hopping onto a train, leaving behind the past or good. It’s very rare to find music that reflects the lyrical intent, and Tonner was able to do just that. It reminds me in some strange ways of George Gershwin’s ability to paint a musical picture. While listening to the song, imagine yourself sitting alone on a train destined for Paris. It’s one and the same - the music so perfectly reflects the story.

“Train to Paris” is perfect for a movie. If I was pitching this track to a music supervisor, I would say Tonner sounds like a mix between The Eagles, Kings of Leon, and Leon Bridges. It’s very licensable while also staying true to its originality.

Be sure to check out “TRAIN TO PARIS” and the rest TONNER has to offer at the links below!

“Train to Paris”:




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