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MEDITATIVE ANIMAL presents Avant-Garde Album “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament” Alongside Epic Tale “Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic”

Updated: May 8

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

From Folk to Fractals: A Spiritual Symphony

In the eclectic world of indie alternative folk rock, MEDITATIVE ANIMAL emerges as a daring innovator, seamlessly blending genres to craft profound musical experiences. His newest release, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament,” stands as a monumental journey through the depths of sound and spirit, accompanied by a reflective narrative in “Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic.” This pairing not only highlights his artistic versatility but also invites listeners on a transformative voyage of introspection and metaphysical exploration.

The album, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament,” unfolds across 16 tracks, each distinct yet harmoniously connected. Produced by Moonlit Creative Works, it merges the gentle strains of indie rock and folk with the vibrant beats of hip hop and the soulful rhythms of blues. This eclectic fusion is enriched by collaborations with notable artists like Grammy-nominee G. Love, Killah Priest from Wu-Tang Clan, and Sticky Fingaz from Onyx, each adding their unique flair and enhancing the album's dynamic range.

The journey begins with “TranscenDance in the Rain (Greener),” a mesmerizing opener that captivates with its shifting tempos and the enchanting play of harmonica and drums, evoking the imagery of dancing through a rainstorm. MEDITATIVE ANIMAL’s voice, with its echoes of Willie Nelson blended with the fresh energy of Mumford and Sons, carries a timeless charm that sets the tone for the album.

Tracks like “Nuke the Sun” radiate with an energetic blend of guitar and harmonica, conjuring images of a radiant, sun-soaked celebration. “Indigo Perspective” introduces a southern, funky edge to the mix, showcasing MEDITATIVE ANIMAL’s ability to create organic and engaging soundscapes.

Songs such as “Love Enough” and “Shredded it So Much Better” lean into a more robust, rock-driven sound, featuring guitar solos that salute the legends of rock while establishing a unique sonic identity. The reflective “Soul Reckoning” and the concluding “Much Love and Many Blessings” slow the pace, drawing listeners into a contemplative space with a mix of meditative bells, gongs, and psychedelic guitar, encapsulating the album’s spiritual essence.


MEDITATIVE ANIMAL’s voice, with its echoes of Willie Nelson blended with the fresh energy of Mumford and Sons, carries a timeless charm that sets the tone for the album.


Alongside the album, MEDITATIVE ANIMAL’s biography, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic,” offers fans a deeper insight into his life and creative evolution. This biographical element enriches the listener's experience, providing a backdrop that deepens the connection to the music. The combination not only illuminates his journey as an artist and spiritual seeker but also reinforces his role as a modern Renaissance man.

Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament” is an invitation to explore the myriad layers of one’s own existence through music. MEDITATIVE ANIMAL’s latest work is not just an album; it is a musical expedition, promising not only auditory delight but also a path to deeper understanding and enlightenment. With this release, MEDITATIVE ANIMAL continues to carve a unique niche in the music industry, offering his audience not just melodies, but a profound journey to traverse.

Check out "TranscenDance in the Rain (Greener)" off the album "Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament"



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