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THE WILD WOLVES - "King of Clouds"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

THE WILD WOLVES Conquer the Sonic Stratosphere

In the vast cosmic soundscape of modern alt-rock, THE WILD WOLVES "King of Clouds" emerges not merely as an album but as a celestial event—a constellation of songs that charts a voyage across the firmament of musical ingenuity. At the helm of this odyssey is James Wolff, a maestro whose life story is as richly textured as the compositions he crafts. With "King of Clouds," THE WILD WOLVES have distilled the essence of two decades into a magnum opus that resonates with the soul of rock's past and the pulse of its future.

The album unfurls with "Fast Maneuvers," a track that grips the spirit with a funky guitar riff, setting the rhythm of the heart to a new, vibrant beat. Wolff's voice, filtered through a nostalgic radio effect, conjures the experimental spirit of The Flaming Lips, before the song erupts into a rock symphony with drums that boom like the footsteps of giants and synths that envelop the senses like a gathering storm. It's a dynamic overture that boldly declares the album's intent to captivate and exhilarate.

"New Age Thinking" follows, a serene interlude that flows with the elegance of a celestial river. The bassline, reminiscent of Muse, anchors the track in a deep cosmic groove, while James Wolff's vocals cascade with the purity of light. The entrance of the strings is a revelation, a sonic embrace that expands the horizon of the song into the sublime. Here, the guitar weaves a delicate tapestry of sound, its jazzy undertones adding layers of complexity to the ethereal melody.

With "Electric Sky," THE WILD WOLVES channel the enigmatic essence of Radiohead, delivering an indie rhythm that beats with the heart of innovation. Wolff's vocals are a beacon, illuminating the production with a brilliance that could set ablaze the dance floors of clubs and the open skies of music festivals alike.

"A Fast Life That Goes Nowhere" offers a moment of introspection, its contemplative mood underscored by a symphony of synths that rise and fall like the breath of the universe. The song's hook, "We'll be history, We're gonna make history," becomes a mantra for the ages, a declaration that echoes through the chambers of the soul, lifted heavenward by an orchestra that transforms darkness into light.

"The Heart Is Always Searching" harks back to the enchanted pop anthems of the 2000s, with Wolff's impassioned delivery evoking the emotive power of The Killers’ Brandon Flowers. It's a groove-infused odyssey that feels at once deeply personal and expansively universal.

"Everybody is Wondering" transports us to a 90’s indie dreamscape, with a rhythm that skips like stones across the surface of consciousness, inviting us to ponder the mysteries it unfurls.

"No Turning Back" is an experimental reverie, a track that captures the essence of a band lost in the ecstasy of their own soundscape. The production stands alone, a unique gem within the album that envelops the listener in a tapestry of rhythm and sound.

"Are You Even Satisfied" leaps forth with a synth line that dazzles the imagination, playful and profound. Wolff's falsetto is a serenade to the stars, gliding over an exuberant guitar riff that roots the track in a field of auditory wonder.

"Science and Understanding" is a ballad that moves with the deliberate grace of a celestial waltz. Here, THE WILD WOLVES exhibit their harmonic genius, with synthesizer arrangements that ponder the mysteries of the cosmos in a musical meditation that stirs the mind and stirs the heart.

The album's finale, "The Three Angels," is a masterful blend with James Wolff venturing into his lower vocal range. Combined with a warm distorted bass and uplifting groove, it pays homage to the greats like Grizzly Bear and Brian Wilson. It's a grand finale that feels like a journey through the heavens, guided by the king of the clouds himself.


THE WILD WOLVES have distilled the essence of two decades into a magnum opus that resonates with the soul of rock's past and the pulse of its future.

THE WILD WOLVES’ “King of Clouds" showcases the power of music and its transcend this earthly plane. It's a journey through the sky, charted by a band that has navigated the tumultuous seas of the music industry to discover their own celestial domain. It is abundantly clear that James Wolff has poured his essence into this album.

THE WILD WOLVES have not merely recorded a collection of songs; they have etched a legacy in the annals of music—a legacy that, like the ever-changing clouds they reign over, will leave a lasting and transformative impression upon the hearts of all who wander beneath their sky.

Check out "King of Clouds" by THE WILD WOLVES below!👇


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