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The Tak3down - "Before Midnight"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Hauntingly Beautiful Industrial Punk Anthem

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing The Tak3down's new single "Before Midnight" - a industrial-punk track that combines the dark allure of Depeche Mode with the raw energy of AFI and the unmistakable edgy sound of Misfits.

Hailing from Arizona, The Tak3down is the brainchild of musicians Keith Wallace and Jon Kabir, who have channeled their years of experience from their punk-metal band Sigma into a new musical identity. Their latest EP, Shapeshifters, marks a thrilling exploration of industrial punk, blending gothic influences with heart-wrenching lyrics.

"Before Midnight" is an anthem that refuses to be restricted by any one genre. Its epic intro, replete with powerful 80s-style drums, massive arpeggiated synthesizers, and atmospheric pads, sets the stage for an unforgettable listening experience. The Tak3down's vocal style, along with their sonic presentation, are hauntingly reminiscent of Depeche Mode; but with a fresh, upbeat cadence similar to The Killers' Brandon Flowers.



The mesmerizing & creative production of "Before Midnight" ensures that every layer of sound is heard, felt, and ABSORBED. The groove is irresistible, driven by a complex drum machine pattern and a syncopated synth-bass that weaves seamlessly throughout the track. It is engineered in such a way that opens itself up to be embraced by night club-goers, arena-filling audiences, and rock festival attendees alike.

The duo's electrifying live performances have earned them spots opening for renowned acts such as Twin Tribes, Xiu Xiu, Purity Ring, Powerman 5000, Hed PE, and William Control (of Aiden). With "Before Midnight," it's clear that this two-piece industrial punk project is poised to win over the hearts of punk rockers, metalheads, and alternative rockers alike.

"Before Midnight" is a dazzling display of The Tak3down's ability to seamlessly fuse industrial punk, electronic, and gothic influences into an upbeat, yet hauntingly beautiful, sonic masterpiece.


Check out "Before Midnight" by The Tak3down below!👇


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