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The Finite Beings - "Untamed"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

An Epic Auditory Journey of Self-Discovery, Humanity, & Faith

Today, I had the privilege of reviewing "Untamed" by alt-rock band THE FINITE BEINGS - an immersive and intense sonic journey that encompasses the human condition and the battles of the mind and spirit. With its roots firmly in the Christian rock genre, the song presents a dark yet hopeful perspective on life, faith, and struggle.

The track opens with a deep, distorted guitar riff that is instantly reminiscent of the styles of bands like Atreyu and Thrice. This musical motif sets the stage for a narrative that is as gritty as it is introspective. The entrance of the rest of the band is an act of sheer force, an intensity that rivals the aggression of a storm at sea. This aggressive beginning immediately captures your attention, as the powerful drumming and rich instrumentation feel like a spiritual awakening of sorts.

The vocals, a synthesis of the experimental tendencies of Radiohead and the soaring cadences of bands like Circa Survive, are as complex as they are moving. As the lyrics begin to unravel, they delve into the conundrum of human existence, the struggle to understand higher powers, and the quest for identity. They offer a contemplative study of faith, struggle, and the innate nature of the human condition, filled with powerful phrases such as "Your ways are higher than my ways," and "Who am I / As I fade to dust / Who am I / Guide me from inside".

The immaculate production does justice to the song's narrative and the band's performance. Each element is distinct yet seamlessly integrated, from the fierce guitar riffs to the soaring vocals, maintaining an edge while bringing out every nuance of the soundscape.

The song's conclusion is epic in every sense of the word. It features dualing guitar riffs and a wail, punctuated by a powerful drum fill that leaves you on an emotional high, symbolizing the triumphant struggle against the adversity of life.

There is an engaging dichotomy in "Untamed" - it feels unrestrained yet grounded, dark yet also bright. The Finite Beings have crafted a musical masterpiece that mirrors the ups and downs, the uncertainty, and the beautiful complexity of life.


The Finite Beings have crafted a musical masterpiece that mirrors the ups and downs, the uncertainty, and the beautiful complexity of life.

As a band, The Finite Beings use their music as a platform to provoke thought, inspire, and take listeners on an emotional journey. Their unique blend of classic and contemporary genres, combined with innovative lyrics and depth, results in a captivating auditory experience. "Untamed" truly reflects their journey and artistic evolution, inspired by the trials of the pandemic and the quest for hope.

"Untamed" is not just a song; it's a raw, visceral exploration of faith and the human condition. It's an anthem for those grappling with life's profound questions and a testament to the band's commitment to their craft and their faith. The Finite Beings have put forth a powerful musical manifesto with "Untamed" that will resonate with listeners from all backgrounds.

Check out "Untamed" by The Finite Beings below!👇




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