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Updated: Nov 23, 2023

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Modern Musical Mosaic of Desire and Destiny

Today I had the privilege of reviewing Simon Jaglom's "VINTAGE" - a captivating odyssey through the realms of heartfelt melodies and poetic narratives. It's a vibrant production showcasing the transformative power of music, blending the ethereal with the tangible in a mesmerizing auditory experience.

"VINTAGE" begins with an acoustic guitar that sings like an ancient melody, evoking images of timeless landscapes and echoing through the soul like a forgotten lullaby. This melody intertwines with haunting vocal echoes, crafting an ambiance that is both mystical and profoundly intimate. As Simon Jaglom's vocals emerge, they bring with them a modern emo-alt-pop sensibility, resonating with a raw, emotive strength that speaks directly to the heart.

"VINTAGE" is a lyrical journey, with Simon Jaglom serving as the poet and the guide. His words plot a map of love and destiny, drawing parallels between the joy of discovering a treasured vintage piece and the thrill of finding a love that feels predestined. The chorus, poetic and evocative, captures the essence of this sentiment with lines like “This love looks good on you, like your favorite jeans, like it’s tailor-made, but it’s vintage.” It's a chorus that lingers in the mind, a sweet refrain that celebrates the beauty of serendipitous connections.

Musically, "VINTAGE" is a rich fusion of genres, blending the timeless with the contemporary. The combination of the soul-stirring acoustic guitar and modern trap elements creates a sound that is both innovative and nostalgic. This musical blend not only showcases Simon's diverse influences but also his unique ability to create a sound that is entirely his own.

As the song builds to its climax, Simon Jaglom's voice and the acoustic guitar come together in a harmonious crescendo, echoing its theme of serendipitous discovery and destined love. The conclusion is a touching reflection of music's power to express the deepest of human emotions.


"VINTAGE" is a lyrical journey, with Simon Jaglom serving as the poet and the guide.

"VINTAGE" is a remarkable debut from Simon Jaglom. It not only promises a bright future for this talented artist but also offers a glimpse into a soul that understands the intricate dance of fate and feeling. In "VINTAGE," Simon Jaglom has crafted not just a musical piece, but a heartfelt narrative that resonates with anyone who has ever found something, or someone, that feels like a destiny fulfilled. ✨

Check out "VINTAGE" by SIMON JAGLOM below!👇


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