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SECOND CHOICE ft. Dimi De San present, "WAS IT MEANT TO BE?"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Magical Blend of Dreams and Reality

As the mainstream music world continually shifts and transforms, it's a rare and enchanting event to encounter an artist like SECOND CHOICE, who with their latest track "Was it meant to be," carves out a niche that is as uniquely mesmerizing as it is profound.

SECOND CHOICE ensnares the listener in a realm where wistful introspection and sublime joy intertwine seamlessly. The production commences with an iconic guitar hook, a melody that resonates like an echo from a distant, more romantic age. It's intricately layered over a celestial synth, creating a call that seems to beckon from realms unknown. Then, as if breaking through a reverie, the drums enter with a narrative force. Their robust, dry ballad beat is not just a rhythmic backbone but a storyteller in its own right, compelling and bold. The fusion of bass and piano crafts a harmonic landscape that is both elaborate and inviting.

Dimi De San's vocal performance, however, acts as the angel of this masterpiece. Her voice, enveloped in a reverberation akin to singing within the grandeur of a vast cathedral, ascends like a dove in the tranquil skies. This sound is at once haunting and consoling, capturing the essence of the song's exploration of yearning and the fleeting nature of dreams. The vocal melody, weaving through an inspirational chord progression, showcases an impressive range, soaring towards the heavens.

The lyrics of "Was it meant to be" take us on an emotional odyssey, inspired by HP Lovecraft's "The Quest of Iranon". They paint a vivid portrait of an endless quest for a mythical home, a saga marked by hope, despair, and the poignant realization of dreams against reality. These words resonate with the universal human experience of searching for something elusive, something tantalizingly just beyond our grasp. This narrative also reflects the artist's own musical journey from his beginnings in local metal bands to the realization of his true passion in songwriting and production, culminating in the birth of SECOND CHOICE.


FIRULAIS's vocals soar and dive through this soundscape, a spectral presence that adds depth and dimension to the melodic tapestry.

What elevates this song beyond its technical brilliance is its profound emotional resonance. The piano line (with its evocative tones reminiscent of Keane), the drums' groovy indie-jazz beat, and the infectious musical hooks converge to create not just a song but an emotional journey. It's a piece that touches on the quest for meaning, the struggle to find one's place in the cosmos, and the sweet realization that often, the journey itself is the real destination.

SECOND CHOICE's "WAS IT MEANT TO BE?" is more than a musical piece; it's an epic voyage. It's a musical meditation on the human spirit, with Dimi De San's voice as the guiding light through this profound journey. This track is an essential experience for anyone who cherishes music that resonates not only with the ears but also with the deepest parts of the soul.

Check out "WAS IT MEANT TO BE?"

by SECOND CHOICE ft. Dimi De San below!👇


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