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SARAH BURTON - "64 Magic Queens"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Wolf Georgia

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In the luminous cavalcade of contemporary indie rock, Sarah Burton emerges as a siren of genuine emotion and raw artistry with her latest offering, "64 Magic Queens". This titillating, roller-coaster of a record embarks on a vibrant and deeply personal journey, wherein Burton seizes every beat and lyric to weave a rich tapestry of both vulnerability and undaunted optimism. It's a garage-rock symphony cradled in the warm embrace of melodic storytelling that beckons listeners to not just hear, but feel every nuance of Burton's impassioned narratives.

Opening the gateway to this enthralling universe is the flagship track, "I Hate Goodbyes". From the very outset, Burton's voice – a lush intertwining of heartache and hope, a concoction eerily reminiscent of the tonal richness of Rilo Kiley – establishes an unmistakable presence that pulses at the very heart of this record. A veritable magician, Sarah Burton manages to craft a soundscape that is at once bittersweet yet inexplicably uplifting, transforming the ordinary into a sublime experience that drenches the soul in an aura of sunny nostalgia.

Each chord in "I Hate Goodbyes", unfolds like a love letter to the innate human tendency to connect, and perhaps, to let go. The lyrics, unabashedly honest and tinged with a gentle bitterness, offer a stark yet beautiful contrast to the melodious, heartbeat-like rhythm that propels the track forward. As Sarah Burton croons the vivid imagery of personal crossroads and sweeping landscapes, one cannot help but be swept up in the tide of sheer emotive power that Burton so effortlessly conjures.

The adventure escalates with "Ursa Minor", a track that beckons listeners with a siren call of surf-rock guitar and an empowering drumbeat, evoking scenes of neon-lit highways and the untamed wilds of the human heart. It is here that Burton further showcases her dynamic vocal prowess, threading passion and fervor through every note, crafting a tapestry that shimmers with a luminescent, neon-glow amidst a roar of bass lines that resonate in the very core of one's being.

Yet, it is in "High by the Beach" that Burton truly reaches a crescendo of musical ecstasy. The track is a psychedelic voyage where fuzzy guitars cradle listeners in an embrace that is both trippy and deeply grounding. The hypnotic chorus beckons an involuntary sway, a testament to Burton's knack for crafting melodies that resonate on a primal, visceral level.


In the luminous cavalcade of contemporary indie rock, Sarah Burton emerges as a siren of genuine emotion and raw artistry with her latest offering, "64 Magic Queens".

"64 Magic Queens" stands as a beacon of Sarah Burton's transformative journey – one marked by a relentless spirit of adventure and a ceaseless desire to connect. Collaborating with the likes of Dany Laj and Jeanette Dowling, Burton carves out an auditory narrative that traverses the realms of heartbreak and joy, encompassing a lifetime of stories woven with threads of glossy melodies and gritty reality.

Sarah Burton's transcendental voyage from the heartlands of Canada to the spirited vistas of Texas imbues this album with a richness that transcends geographical boundaries. Her career, marked by spontaneity, resilience, and an unquenchable thirst for connecting with others, mirrors the very essence of "64 Magic Queens" – an album that not only stands as a testament to Burton's artistic evolution but as a beacon of hope, offering solace and joy in the most unexpected places.

Sarah Burton's "64 Magic Queens" is more than an album; it's an experience – a harmonious odyssey that celebrates the triumphs, the heartaches, and the magic that binds us all. It is a beacon of raw and unfiltered creativity, heralding Sarah Burton not just as a musician, but as a maestro of human emotion, orchestrating a symphony that resonates in the hearts of listeners long after the last note has faded away.

Check out "64 Magic Queens" by SARAH BURTON below!👇


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