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RENE ERICKSON - "Silent Street"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Rene Erickson's "Silent Street" is a Serenade of Acoustic Mastery

In a world saturated with music that often overwhelms the senses, RENE ERICKSON's latest full-length album, "Silent Street," is a breath of fresh air, offering listeners an immersive and soul-stirring experience through the power of acoustic guitar instrumentals. Erickson's life-long dedication to the craft has culminated in this mesmerizing collection of 11 tracks, each one a testament to the exceptional talent and versatility as a guitarist and composer.

"Silent Street" is a captivating journey that explores various emotional landscapes, effortlessly transporting listeners to different points in Erickson's life. Each track tells its own unique story through intricate and evocative guitar work, revealing the depth and diversity of the creative vision. Standout tracks like "Jump Cut," "Never Gone," and "Mended Fences" immediately captivate the listener with enchanting acoustic melodies and engaging arrangements.

Erickson's remarkable skill as an acoustic guitarist shines throughout the album, as intricate weaving of a rich tapestry of sound is achieved, feeling at once soothing and invigorating. The mastery of finger-style technique, alternate tunings (a perfect example of this is heard in the intro of "NEVER GONE"), and harmonics adds layers of complexity and nuance to each composition, resulting in a warm and intimate listening experience that is both meditative and deeply moving.

One of the most striking aspects of "Silent Street" is its ability to convey a wide range of emotions and experiences without the need for lyrics or vocals. Erickson's expressive guitar playing speaks volumes on its own, drawing listeners in and holding them captive from the first note to the last. The album's serene and introspective nature provides a welcome respite from the chaos of everyday life, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the beauty and tranquility of Erickson's musical world.

Rene Erickson's album "Silent Street" is a remarkable achievement in the realm of acoustic guitar instrumentals. Its enchanting compositions, emotional depth, and exceptional musicianship make it an album that will resonate with listeners long after the final note has faded. "Silent Street" is not only a showcase of Erickson's extraordinary talent as a guitarist and composer but also a gentle reminder of the profound impact that music can have on our hearts and minds.


Born and raised in the Midwest, Rene Erickson’s musical journey began on his ninth birthday when gifted a humble but lovable department store acoustic guitar. He graduated quickly to electric guitar, piano and any other instrument within reach.

The ongoing journey has included touring and extensive session work, and Rene is currently a music and video producer for established acts and promising new artists. Original composition credits include indie films and national broadcast network television.

Check out the full-length "Silent Street" by RENE ERICKSON below!👇


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