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Rene Erickson - "Never Gone"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

Rene Erickson's "Never Gone" is a Symphony of Acoustic Brilliance

In an era where music is often defined by digital beats and overproduced soundscapes, Rene Erickson's acoustic instrumental masterpiece, "Never Gone" (off the album "Silent Street"), stands as a testament to the raw power of musical talent and artistry. From the very first note, Erickson's innovative approach to guitar playing captivates the listener and takes them on a journey filled with emotion and sonic complexity.

As the track begins, Erickson daringly detunes the guitar, creating a unique and mesmerizing sound that sets the stage for the rest of the composition. By employing the DADGAD tuning, Erickson firmly establishes a distinct musical identity, a trait that is rare and refreshing in today's music landscape.

Erickson's mastery of fingerstyle guitar playing is on full display throughout "Never Gone." Rene Erickson's impeccable technique eliminates any trace of fret buzz, a common pitfall for even the most seasoned guitarists. The precision and dexterity with which Erickson navigates the fretboard is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

One of the many highlights of "Never Gone" is Erickson's expert use of harmonics. The seamless integration of these ethereal tones into the piece speaks to an immense dedication as a musician. Erickson makes what is typically a challenging technique seem effortless, further solidifying Erickson's status as an acoustic virtuoso.

What truly sets Rene Erickson apart from other contemporaries is the ability to explore and utilize the full frequency range of the steel-string acoustic guitar. Rene masterfully blends low, mid, and high-frequency notes, crafting a rich tapestry of sound that envelops the listener. This skillful blend is even more remarkable when considering the difficulty of achieving such a balance while playing fingerstyle.

"Never Gone" is not merely a display of Erickson's technical prowess; it is an emotional journey that resonates with the listener. As the evocative melody unfolds, it becomes clear that this composition is a heartfelt expression of a musician who has dedicated their life to perfecting the craft.

Rene Erickson's "Never Gone" is a masterclass in acoustic guitar playing and a triumph of instrumental music. It is a rare gem that serves as a reminder of the beauty and emotional depth that can be achieved through the skillful hands of a truly gifted musician.

Check out NEVER GONE by Rene Erickson below!👇


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