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Introducing Melyz

A new dark-pop sensation!

Wolf Georgia here, pleased to introduce you to Melyz!

Up and coming Dark Pop singer-songwriter Melyz is coming back with a new style, a new sass and a new song via “Bad Together”. The anthemic single is about passionate and destructive love relationships. Melyz, formerly known as Mélanie René, was chosen to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song contest back in 2015. The contest secured her nearly 2 million views on YouTube for her debut single "Time to Shine". Empowered by that success, she veered towards a more electro pop route and changed her name to best reflect her artistry. In early 2019, Melyz released her debut EP, Don't Tell On Us which gained 100k streams, along with some stellar press looks which propelled her as an up-and-coming electro pop artist to keep an eye on. She is now releasing a new song in a darker and more provocative vibe. "Bad Together" is about how toxic and destructive a relationship can become when it gets too passionate. But it is also about accepting and embracing our darker side when things get too intense; about celebrating how unhinged we can become when we fall too deeply in love. This song is about being empowered by adversity. This is the first single of a themed and deeply personal EP that Melyz wishes to share with her fans later this year.

Check out the song below!



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