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MARQUETTE KING “Lose Control” ft. ProfessionalRegularGuy

NFL star takes talent to the studio

MARQUETTE KING started his career playing in the NFL, first for the Oakland Raiders and then moving to the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury which forced him out of the game for a period of time - but have no fear, Marquette King is truly a Renaissance man of many talents!

For so many individuals, an injury means it’s time to slow down - but not for Marquette! While he is unable to play on the field, he transferred all of his skillsets to the studio. He crafted an extremely infectious party song called “Lose Control,” alongside musical partner ProfessionalRegularGuy.

“Lose Control” starts with an upbeat, overly compressed piano hook - I already feel like I’m in the club getting ready for the DROP! The song then takes a turn as the chorus comes in, transitioning to a half-time feel that creates an epic vibe. It is powerful and sounds huge.

The rapping on the track during the verses feels articulate and natural at the same time. It’s extremely invigorating, and strangely enough reminds me a little bit of the best parts of LINKIN PARK. There is also the energy of Macklemore sprinkled throughout. I love it.

DO NOT MISS “LOSE CONTROL” BY MARQUETTE KING! Check it out at the links below!

Link to the single:

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