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LUCHI - "Mountain"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Conquering Musical Heights: LUCHI’s 'Mountain' Touches the Sky

MusicFarmer5 is no stranger to the powerhouse of raw emotion that is LUCHI - and with his vibrant new release “Mountain”, LUCHI reaches for the heavens and encapsulates an authentic, raw, emotional journey that resonates on a visceral level.

From the evocative opening, with its sweeping cymbals and soulful piano, “Mountain” promises to be an odyssey – and it doesn’t disappoint. The lyrics, “Here we go again, I can feel my wounds open,” grip you immediately, pulling you into LUCHI’s world. The pain, the vulnerability, and the introspection are tangible, sweeping listeners into the profound depths of LUCHI’s soul.

As the bass enters, deep and resonating, it perfectly captures the essence of what's to come - “There’s no gold left in the sun, my heart’s on the run.” Here, LUCHI paints a world where the glow of hope is dimming, but the pursuit of light continues, even amongst the shadows.

But it is the chorus that truly showcases LUCHI's mastery. The ascent of the piano alongside thunderous drums is nothing short of cinematic. LUCHI proclaims, “I’m gonna lay right here in the dark… Not ready to climb that mountain,” evoking a vivid imagery of someone at the base of their challenges, gathering strength, contemplating the daunting ascent ahead.

The addition of intensely powerful cinematic percussion and strings signals not just a musical crescendo but an emotional one. The vocals soar to even greater heights:

"I’ve been staring at elephants that now fill the rooms I’m in.

The roles that I play paralyze me and

I’m stuck inside of this hell I built,

Decorated with all my guilt.

To find my way out’s gonna take time."

Those lyrics beautifully capture the overwhelming forces and burdens that can often dictate our paths, if we let them.

LUCHI’s vocal prowess shines, especially when revisiting the pre-chorus, stretching his vocals as if touching the zenith of his own internal cosmos.

And when we think LUCHI has given it all, he soars EVEN HIGHER. The raw passion in his voice as he sings, “‘Cause I’m not ready to climb that mountain” is palpable. This apex of emotion is immediately juxtaposed with the song's conclusion, where LUCHI’s voice and a solo piano intertwine, beautifully emphasizing the heart of the song’s message.


Here, LUCHI paints a world where the glow of hope is dimming, but the pursuit of light continues, even amongst the shadows.

This isn’t just another song; it’s an outpouring, a reflection of LUCHI’s very soul. Stemming from personal conversations with someone regarding addiction, the song is both a tribute and a testament to the resilience and strength required to confront personal demons. LUCHI crafted this track to offer solace to those in pain - producing a song with true purpose.

Drawing from his Glaswegian roots, experiences from world-renowned writing camps, and mentorship from industry titans, LUCHI crafts a song that's both epic in scale and intimate in its revelations. With “Mountain”, LUCHI further cements his reputation as not just a chart-topping artist but as a beacon of raw emotion and authenticity in the industry.

The real mountain LUCHI scales here is not just of sound and production but of genuine human connection. This is the magic of LUCHI. With every note, LUCHI reminds us that, while the journey may be daunting - facing our mountains, no matter how steep, is where the real beauty lies.

Check out "Mountain" by LUCHI below!👇


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