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“LIVE NATURALLY” by Phil Joseph

A beautiful, timeless summer anthem with a crucial message

Today we’ve got a very special song to review called LIVE NATURALLY - an amazing track by PHIL JOSEPH, a multi-faceted artist who’s already been making huge waves in the streaming world. Recorded at King Spears Studios, this musical masterpiece is not only very well produced - it’s infused with passion and heart.

The track starts out with an island-style rolling drum fill, surrounded by a cacophony of brass and slick bass lines. Phil Joseph then layers this section with a vocal riff that makes an interesting intervallic move against another layer of background vocals. This move creates a dissonant, intoxicating musical suspension, and i’s undeniable at this point; there is now a sense of urgency that I MUST hear the rest of the track, AND NOW. To create this type of anticipation while keeping within the confines of a mainstream sensibility is NOT easy to do, and yet Phil Joseph does this. These elements are what keep the listener hooked - the “skip culture” trend that plagues so many artists on Spotify will not impact this track by Phil Joseph.

NOW we get into the first chorus - which hits you hard but also echoes a sense of freedom and “chill”. The chorus hook - “I wanna live naturally, I wanna live differently” is extremely clever. In my opinion, Joseph is reminding us that we all need to take time to remember that this world is beautiful, and we all (the human species) are, in fact, a part of nature. There will be things that are out of our control, and those are the things so many people are burdened by. They don’t allow themselves any time to BREATHE and just LIVE. There couldn’t be a better time to communicate this message, and (dare I say) the underlying music seems to communicate this EVEN SEPARATE from the lyrics. This is not an easy thing to do.

It is SO COMMON for people to get lost in the fray of things - it is NOT usual for people to simply remind themselves that the world is interconnected and sometimes you just have to CHILL OUT! In order to “live naturally,” you must do things differently than the rest. It’s an important message - nay, one that is NECESSARY.

Another fantastic standout element to this production is the collection of lush vocal harmonies - wow! They complement the lead vocal so well and further set this production apart. It really elevates the track to a new level, solidifying Joseph’s musical prowess.

Phil Joseph’s ability to create a symbiotic relationship between lyrics and instrumentation is genius. It’s not often you come across somebody like this. “Live Naturally” is a perfect representation of Phil Joseph’s musical complexity and his ability to package these musical sensibilities in an accessible way for the masses. It’s no wonder “Live Naturally” is shooting up the Spotify charts and breaking all types of records!

Check out Phil Joseph and his track “Live Naturally” at the links below!



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