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KALEN HOGAN - "Isolation"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Stirring Ode to Introspection and the Human Condition

Emerging onto the musical panorama with a dynamic sense of self and unique musicality, Kalen Hogan, a 17-year-old prodigy from Central Coast, unveils his debut album “Isolation” – a compelling dive into the realms of introspection and raw emotion.

Working side by side with producer Andrew Beck at Damien Gerard Studios, with the formidable Kayne Butler on drums, Hogan's work shines brightly, crafting infectious melodies wrapped in lyrics that oscillate between thoughtful introspection and a youthful perspective on universal human experiences.

"Isolation" sprouted amidst a season of enforced introspection, taking the essence of life under lockdown and blooming into a collection of songs that navigate the complexities of abandoned relationships, feelings of displacement, the bitter realization of life's ephemeral nature, and the subjective nature of individual outlooks. The album is a patchwork of the human condition, tied together with Hogan's acute perceptiveness and raw honesty.

Each track strikes a harmonious balance, blending soul-stirring guitar solos with poignant lyrics, creating a symbiotic resonance that strikes at the heart of the listener. Numbers like "Beliefs" and "Not Even A Friend" assert their presence with the added punch of percussive flair and riveting guitar riffs.

Through "Isolation," Hogan subtly pays homage to the Seattle grunge movement of the 90s, blending dissonant harmonies and intriguing chord progressions. The sound is quintessentially alternative rock, though with a notable absence of heavy distortion, staying true to its indie rock roots.


Through "Isolation," Hogan subtly pays homage to the Seattle grunge movement of the 90s, blending dissonant harmonies and intriguing chord progressions.

The tracks "It's You," "Be With You," and "Lost" particularly stand out in the album. "It's You" is a captivating mid-tempo tune marked by Hogan's distinctive acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals, a style reminiscent of a young Jeff Buckley. The well-timed entrance of drums and bass enriches the listener’s experience.

"Be With You," reminiscent of Radiohead, subtly hides an intricate and coherent composition beneath a deceptively simple arrangement of guitar, drums, and bass. The tune is infectiously hooky, engaging, and medium-paced.

"Lost" is an upbeat, more pop-oriented number with a rhythmic progression that keeps the song alive and moving. Hogan’s falsetto shines in the background vocals, bringing to mind bands like Hollow Coves.

Influenced by the grunge movement and idolizing bands like Nirvana, Kalen Hogan delivers an indie rock sound mixed with poignant storytelling, conveying the nuances of everyday life with an open heart and keen observational skill. His vocal tone and occasional use of falsetto provide a youthful charm, akin to Thom Yorke and the late Jeff Buckley.

"Isolation" is not just an album; it’s a journey through Hogan's maturing worldview, an open window into the heart of a young musician navigating life's complexities. As he brilliantly marries sweet but heart-wrenching guitar solos with his acute lyrical observations, Hogan invites his listeners into his world of introspection, crafting a debut album that's not to be missed.

Listen to "Isolation" by KALEN HOGAN below!👇


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