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FIRULAIS presents, "Beneath the Darkened Skies of The Firulais"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Symphony in Shadows

In the shadow-laden realms of Black Metal, a singular voice echoes with a striking blend of ferocity and finesse – FIRULAIS. With his latest opus, "Beneath the Darkened Skies of The Firulais", he transcends the ordinary, with a sound that is as haunting as it is beautiful; as raw as it is refined.

FIRULAIS immediately embarks on an odyssey through soundscapes drenched in both darkness and illumination. The opening track, "Beneath the Skies of The Firulais", is a maelstrom of Latin American rhythms and searing metal riffs, crafting a universe where every strum and beat resonates with the intensity of a tempestuous heart.

"Eschaton" erupts next, a thrilling ride of suspended guitar riffs and punk-infused backbeats. Here, FIRULAIS conjures a headbanging euphoria, artfully balancing the rawness of metal with the rebellious spirit of punk, creating a rhythmic alchemy that captivates and exhilarates.

In "Mist", the artist paints an auditory masterpiece with strokes of epically inspiring guitar work, interwoven with an upbeat punk rock groove. FIRULAIS's vocals soar and dive through this soundscape, a spectral presence that adds depth and dimension to the melodic tapestry.

"Hypnagogia" then veers into the arcane, its melody reminiscent of an old-school horror film, enveloping the listener in a shroud of mystery and allure with its harmonic minor scales.

"Sepulchre" is a standout, commencing with a spine-chilling “werewolf” sound, setting the stage for a frenetic mosh-pitting rhythm. The sheer velocity of the drumbeat, coupled with the fervor of the guitar riffs, creates a whirlwind of sound that is both terrifying and exhilarating.


FIRULAIS's vocals soar and dive through this soundscape, a spectral presence that adds depth and dimension to the melodic tapestry.

The finale, "Kaliman: El Valle de los Vampiros", is a tribute to a cherished Latin American superhero, a vibrant blend of nostalgia and innovation. FIRULAIS channels a golden-era radio show into a punk rock inferno, culminating in a crescendo of vampiric intensity. The track closes with a wolf's howl and a wind that whispers secrets, leading into an instrumental outro that lifts the spirit, leaving the listener in a state of awe.

"Beneath the Darkened Skies of The Firulais" is not just an album; it is a journey through the heart and soul of its creator. FIRULAIS, with his profound musicality and emotional depth, has crafted a work that resonates with the struggles and triumphs of the human experience. It is a reminder of the transformative power of music – to heal, to inspire, and to connect us to the deepest parts of ourselves. This album is a masterpiece, a beacon in the world of Black Metal, shining with the light of an artist's unyielding spirit.

Check out "Beneath the Darkened Skies of The Firulais"

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