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MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Wolf Georgia

A Soaring Fusion of Folk, Indie, and Punk

It is rare to encounter a song that truly transcends genres while maintaining an authentic and captivating essence. DAVID BELLE, an award-winning film producer turned musician, achieves this with his latest single, “Free,” from his debut album "The Beginning."

DAVID BELLE's "Free" opens with a mesmerizing guitar line, instantly setting a groove that is both familiar and fresh. This is swiftly complemented by a rhythm section comprising a punchy drumbeat and a chill organ, laying down a foundation that's impossible not to nod along to. DAVID BELLE’s entry into this mix is nothing short of magical. His vocals, reminiscent of great folk indie artists, carry a storytelling quality that is both raw and refined. There's an undeniable punk rock edge to his voice, adding a layer of grit to the song's polished sound.

As we move into the chorus, “Followed her dreams and let herself be, a beautiful girl when she wanted to be, she broke free,” the harmonies envelop the listener. These lines do more than just resonate; they soar, reminiscent of a modern Willie Nelson meets Cake meets Beck. The music elevates you, akin to soaring through the sky.

The song’s structure and arrangement showcase Belle’s background in film production and his collaborative work with talented artists like Alessandro Meynardi, Lorenzo Meynardi, and Grammy-winner Charlie McCoy. Each element in DAVID BELLE's “Free” feels meticulously placed, yet the overall effect is one of effortless flow.


DAVID BELLE's "Free" opens with a mesmerizing guitar line, instantly setting a groove that is both familiar and fresh.


As “Free” draws to a close, it doesn’t simply fade out but rather elevates itself with an epic guitar solo. This solo dances across the stereoscope, creating a glorious auditory experience that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of “freedom.” It’s a bold move that pays off, leaving the listener with a lasting impression of both the song and DAVID BELLE's artistry.

DAVID BELLE's “Free” is more than just a song; it's a journey. DAVID BELLE has crafted a piece that is both a nod to the musical greats and a bold step into uncharted territories. It’s a track that doesn’t just belong to one genre but rather belongs to anyone who has ever yearned for something more, something freeing. With “Free,” DAVID BELLE not only marks his successful transition into music but also establishes himself as a visionary artist in the modern music landscape.

Check out "Free"

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