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MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

An Epic Voyage of Modern Soul

CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE, the alter-ego of Prashant Raghavendran, dazzles anew with his latest EP, "Blindsided," a masterful blend of soul, pop, and R&B that feels as delicate as it is danceable. Drawing from a rich palette of influences—from A.R. Rahman to classic rock and psychedelic jazz—CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE showcases his musical versatility across four evocative tracks.

The opener and title track "Blindsided" welcomes listeners with a groovy, jazzy guitar hook and an e-piano melody, immediately setting a curiously compelling tone for the EP. CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE’s vocals suddenly burst forth with the richness of Sam Smith and the rhythmic soul of Bruno Mars. The narrative—reflecting on liberation from manipulation—is conveyed with melodic depth that feels almost, dare I say, spiritual. A Beatles-esque guitar solo adds a timeless touch, marking it as a highlight of the collection.

"Mirror Fights" introduces a change of pace with an infectious, upbeat synth and ambient Bollywood vibes that capture the imagination. Thie song unfolds like a sonic journey, layered as if scoring a complex film, blending retro and modern sounds into a groovy, nostalgic mix. The creative use of a vocoder reflects the song's theme of fading security, deepening the emotional impact of the album.

Then, "Valley of Sorrow" offers a gently swaying guitar intro that ushers in CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE’s intense, evocative vocals. While clearly a passionate topic for Prashant, this anthemic ballad about aspiring for peace amidst conflict feels strangely like an effortless conveyance of these deep emotions, as if it's part of his being - demonstrating a real authenticity rarely seen in today's world of pop music.

The EP concludes with "Dopamine," an extremely lively track that merges groovy electronic beats with soulful pop melodies. It explores the release from daily stress into a more tangible sense of joy, evidenced through vibrant, funky chord progressions and rich vocal harmonies. A soothing synth-pad hook in the background perfectly encapsulates the blissful rush the song title suggests.


CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE’s vocals suddenly burst forth with the richness of Sam Smith and the rhythmic soul of Bruno Mars.


CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE’s "Blindsided" is more than an EP; it is a compelling musical journey through the heart of an artist who artfully fuses diverse genres into a unified, exhilarating experience. Whether it's setting the mood for a night out or providing a reflective backdrop for quieter moments, this EP delivers a perfect soundtrack for a wide array of settings, striking a balance between exhilarating dance tracks and intellectually rich compositions.

With "Blindsided," CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE confirms his status not merely as a musician but as a profound storyteller, whose narratives are as captivating as the music itself.

Check out the title-track "Blindsided" by CAPTAIN HIGHSIDE below!👇


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