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Nostalgic and groundbreaking

A pair of musicians from international famed music collective “The Hawals” have combined forces to come out with a brand new album, “HAWALLYWOOD.” Capo Corleone and B. Gullie have joined forces on this album, pushing the boundaries of the hip-hop hybrid genre even further.

It’s hard to describe Capo Corleone and B. Gullie as anything other than cool. This is an album you want to blast in your car while trying to impress your girl. The song “She Gon’ Slide” is so catchy and slick, you may find yourself bobbing your head to the tune all day long (even when the speaker shuts off!) The melodies inevitably get stuck in your brain. Not only is the vocal performance super agile, but the bass lines are retro and vibey.

Another standout track is “Paid.” It brings me back to the glory days of the late nineties & early 2000’s. There’s some super cool old-school Snoop Dogg vibes on “Paid.” It transports you to a different time, yet is still super modern. Nostalgic and groundbreaking.

The rest of the album is fantastic, but “3AM” is another track that catches my ear for it’s contrasting dark vibes. It feels like a song that would light up the club on Halloween night. I love this stuff - "3AM" feels like it was written by Danny Elfman if he decided to become a hip-hop artist. It’s amazing.

Check out HAWALLYWOOD on Spotify today, and be sure to follow them on Instagram!

“Hawallywood” by Capo Corleone & B.Gullie:

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