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BEDROOM CEILINGS - "Clairvoyance is Never Simple"

An indie triumph

Today I’ve got a hot review off the presses for Bedroom Ceilings, an indie band that just released a beautiful single titled “Clairvoyance is Never Simple.” The definition of clairvoyance is “the supposed faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.”

“Clairvoyance is Never Simple” opens with a nice mini toy xylophone melody and acoustic guitar. It feels like you’re sitting in the room with the band as they are performing - clearly an artistic choice that creates an inviting atmosphere for the listener. The vocal comes in with a sweet melody, echoing vibes from The Decemberists, Lumineers, the band “fun.” and others.

“‘Cause lately you feel like a seashell” - as if out of nowhere, that lyric leads you to a rocking outro complete with Weezer-inspired guitar solos and upbeat drums. It surprises you, but it’s almost as if you could sense it was coming. It’s complicated. It’s never simple.

That lyric rings so true to these strange times. The waves of uncertainty are real. Don’t we all feel a little bit like a seashell?

Check out BEDROOM CEILINGS and their new single, “Clairvoyance is Never Simple” at the links below! And be sure to look out for their upcoming album “Another Bulb Burned Out.”



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