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MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Searing Anthem of Defiance and Empowerment

In the modern alt-rock scene, few bands have managed to capture the raw essence of rebellion and empowerment quite like ATROCITY GIRL. Their energetic and captivating song "Ego Fix" is a blistering epic that proclaims their unapologetic stance and a powerful ode to self-assertion in the face of societal misogyny.

From the moment "Ego Fix" begins, ATROCITY GIRL sets the tone with a grunge guitar hook that slithers into your consciousness, backed by the haunting echoes of historic misogynistic recordings. It's a bold move, intertwining those nasty voices with the band's defiant message - and it pays off, creating an atmosphere that's both eerie and electrifying.

Johnny-Angel's vocals are a force to be reckoned with. Her delivery is a potent cocktail of punk rock rawness and epic gravitas, reminiscent of the Misfits' glory days but with a fervor all her own. She doesn't just sing the lyrics; she spits them out like fiery mantras, taking on the status quo with a voice that's both weapon and war cry.

The lyrics themselves are a poetic assault on the superficiality and falseness that society often demands. "Pseudo crippling and complicated, it's all superficial ego lies," Johnny-Angel snarls, her words slicing through the pretense with the precision of a surgeon's scalpel. ATROCITY GIRL doesn't just perform; they tear through the veneer of societal expectations with a truth that's as brutal as it is beautiful.

The inclusion of real misogynistic quotes from popular news media isn't just for show. It's a stark reminder of the everyday battles women face, lending the song an intensity that can't be ignored. ATROCITY GIRL isn't just playing music; they're sounding a rallying cry, and it's impossible not to heed their call.

As "Ego Fix" builds to its climax, the band showcases their musical prowess. Angie Dane on drums and Ryan Lee on bass create a foundation that's both solid and explosive, culminating in a heavy breakdown that will leave your heart pounding. Johnny-Angel's scream, "they'll try to sell you on a suit and tie," is a cathartic release, a hardcore metal exorcism of societal constraints, while the drums hammer down with a half-time thrash beat that's as intoxicating as it is intense.


ATROCITY GIRL isn't just playing music; they're sounding a rallying cry, and it's impossible not to heed their call.

ATROCITY GIRL has crafted more than a song with "Ego Fix"; they've forged an anthem. It's a track that doesn't just resonate; it reverberates through the core of the listener. In this reality that often feels like the "strange, strange world we're living in," ATROCITY GIRL stands as a beacon of truth and empowerment.

With "Ego Fix," ATROCITY GIRL reaffirms their mission to empower women in the scene, and they do so with a sound that's as heavy as it is heartfelt. This isn't just music for the sake of entertainment; it's a movement, a statement, and a battle cry all rolled into one. And in this odd world, ATROCITY GIRL is the sound of the resistance, loud, proud, and utterly unbreakable.

Check out "Ego Fix" by ATROCITY GIRL below!👇


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