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Anthony Hemsey feat. Jemma Johnson -"Just Fine"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Cinematic Symphony of Emotion

Just when I thought the realm of heartrending ballads couldn't be further explored, ANTHONY HEMSEY (in collaboration with vocalist Jemma Johnson) has painted a vast, cinematic landscape with single, "Just Fine." Reminiscent of Snow Patrol's evocative style, this alt-pop ballad is a testament to the power of music as an emotional conduit, guiding us through a journey of love, longing, and the human desire for something more than "just fine."

The track opens with an epic piano, immediately inviting the listener into the poignant world Anthony Hemsey has created. A woofy, deep bass drum soon joins, accompanied by ambient guitars that weave an ethereal atmosphere reminiscent of angels dancing through the clouds. As Jemma Johnson's passionate and beautiful vocals take center stage, the listener is wholly embraced by the soulful, emotive energy that radiates throughout the song.

One cannot overlook the stunning lyrical imagery that is so perfectly complemented by the music. From the opening question, "What does it mean, if I have this dream?" to the introspective pre-chorus, "I'm watching you, watching me," the song's narrative delves deep into the complexities of human connection. The chorus, with its earnest declaration, "Sure I'm fine, when I'm all alone. But I know that I'm better with you," is a powerful and relatable reflection on the struggle of seeking solace in solitude while yearning for something more profound.



The gorgeous layered vocal harmonies add to the song's sonic imagery, transforming "Just Fine" into a piece that could easily complement a romantic, emotional, or melancholic movie scene. It is a testament to Hemsey's keen understanding of the power of music to engage and captivate listeners, while his collaboration with vocalist Jemma Johnson creates a deeply personal and accessible experience.

Anthony Hemsey's "Just Fine (feat. Jemma Johnson)" is a beautiful, alternative take on the classic love song that combines heartfelt lyrics, masterful musicianship, and a rising soundscape that envelops the listener in a warm embrace. It reflects on the "what-ifs?" of life and reminds us that there is beauty to be found in our most vulnerable moments. One can't help but be swept away by the cinematic and symphonic magic that unfolds, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after the last note has faded.

Check out "Just Fine (feat. Jemma Johnson)" - Anthony Hemsey below!👇


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