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MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Nature Meets Neon: AMOR EXPERIENTIA's Dualistic Dance Uncovered

In the ever-expanding universe of indie music, some stars twinkle, while others shine brilliantly. And then there's AMOR EXPERIENTIA, a radiant supernova hailing from the enigmatic landscapes of California.

AMOR EXPERIENTIA's "Bloom" is less of a musical endeavor and more of a celestial journey - a mesmeric tapestry where sound transcends into emotion. One can feel the touch of John Cage’s genius, Steve Reich’s finesse, and’s modernistic fervor, all harmoniously entwined, elevated by Christine Olsen's voice - as haunting as a siren’s song, as tender as a lover’s whisper.

The opener, "American Psycho," isn't just an introduction but a beckoning, calling listeners into a world where time blurs, weaving past's melancholic beauty with future’s avant-garde promise. "God Give Me Feeling" furthers this odyssey, its notes reminiscent of soft raindrops on a velvety evening, or perhaps the first rays of dawn breaking through the night.

As the album unfolds, each track becomes a chapter, a realm. "Untitled 02" and "Moonlight" resonate with profound depths, weaving narratives of dreams and reveries, where each note is like a brushstroke on a canvas of the soul. The contrasts are striking yet harmonious, much like a moonlit night meeting the shimmering auroras.

Navigating through the album, one cannot help but be entranced by the distinct, meticulous detail in each track. It's as if AMOR EXPERIENTIA has etched a part of his soul into every note, every frequency, every move of a fader.

But the true genius of "Bloom" lies in its ability to transport listeners across temporal and spatial dimensions. "Most Beautiful Thing" is a masterclass in this duality, where AMOR EXPERIENTIA captures the essence of a sun-dappled meadow and contrasts it with the metallic hum of a cityscape. The song commences with a poignant piano interplay, soon punctuated by playful vocal samples that dance with e-drums and bass synths. As birds whistle, the listener is transported to a realm both idyllic and eerily futuristic. It’s a juxtaposition that is simultaneously comforting and disorienting, encapsulating the album's recurring theme of merging the organic with the electric.

In "Just for Tonight" and "Purple," the minimalist arrangements juxtaposed with intricate details echo life's simplicities and complexities. There's a purity to the sound, a raw emotion that evokes feelings of nostalgia, yearning, and introspection. It's a reflective pause in an album that's constantly in motion, offering listeners a moment of reprieve, like a serene oasis amidst a dynamic storm.


AMOR EXPERIENTIA's "Bloom" is less of a musical endeavor and more of a celestial journey - a mesmeric tapestry where sound transcends into emotion.

Its duality - the dance between the organic and electronic - roots the album in a timeless realm. It's a brilliant showcasing of AMOR EXPERIENTIA's artistic prowess, as he crafts a world where the past, present, and future coalesce into a harmonious symphony - blurring the lines between reality and dream. By the time the title track "Bloom" culminates, it feels less like an ending and more like an invitation - to reflect, to feel, and to relive the voyage once more.

Drawing from luminaries like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Macula Dog, AMOR EXPERIENTIA crafts a masterpiece that's both an homage and a revelation. His roots may be shrouded in mystery, but with "Bloom," he has illuminated the world of music with a glow that's timeless and truly transcendent. This is not merely music; it's poetry for the soul - a luminous odyssey for the mind.

Check out "Most Beautiful Thing" from the album

"Bloom" by AMOR EXPERIENTIA below!👇


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