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Coconut Rum - VICU, Honore - exhibiting intelligent contrast on another level

Review by Adam Jones

July 14, 2020


Today I had the pleasure of reviewing “Coconut Rum,” a brand new single by VICU and Honore. There is no doubt that this is a top notch production - the synthesizers, vocals, and drums are extremely impactful. It’s truly a work of art.


The track opens up with a heavenly synthesizer line, followed immediately by a strong verse vocal. There is an edgy distortion effect applied to the vocals that transports the listener to a whole other dimension. All these tasteful elements only to serve to enhance the vocal performance. Whether intended or not, this production setup really makes the chorus line cut through to the soul: “Since you’ve been gone, COCONUT RUM has been my best friend, take away my feelings.” Damn, that line hits hard.


This is a perfect example of intelligent contrast. Instrumentally the song is inspiring and uplifting; the lyrics, however, tell a contrasting story of heartbreak. This interplay elevates the song into a true work of art that can and will stand the test of time.


Check out COCONUT RUM and the rest that Vicu has to offer at the links below!



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