A$H McFarland “Too Little Too Late” - a little bit of doom and glory

May 25, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


Today I had the opportunity to review Family Jewels Entertainment’s rising hip-hop artist A$H McFarland and the epic album “Too Little Too Late.”


Opening with an homage to Invader Zim on the track “DOOM”, the scene has already been properly set up for A$H McFarland’s album to be a killer masterpiece. After Invader Zim calms down, A$H McFarland begins rapping in his signature way - it’s both aggressive yet soothing. It feels so easy and smooth - it’s a feat that’s extremely difficult to achieve. Making something sound so easy - IT IS NOT SO EASY TO DO!


Then we arrive to “Outsiders,” yet another fascinating hip-hop masterpiece with wrecked vocal effects that can’t be described as anything other than dope. Filled with mysterious old-school bass lines and dirty percussion (including some sick West African percussion), this track is dirty in all the best ways.


Another notable track off the album is Geniu$, a track with dope old-school beats and an interesting lyrical concept that’s both raunchy and intelligent.


Be sure to check out A$H McFarland and his album “Too Little Too Late” at the links below!


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