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King C.P "The Evolution" - a rare storyteller arrives

Review by Adam Jones

May 13, 2020


Today I had the opportunity to review “The Evolution” by King C.P, a brilliant sonic presentation of King C.P’s ability to tell fantastic stories through music. The album is the product of 3 years of hard work, and it sounds like it has finally paid off.


The album opens with “Phase 2,” a chill yet grimy hip-hop introduction with vintage keyboards and in-your-face drum machines. King C.P displays some complex rhythmic artistry when he finally begins rapping, with the urgent line “Man you wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve been through.” Damn!


When listening through the album, it really does feel like it’s more of a digital storybook rather than strictly a hip-hop album. It’s very hard to find hip-hop artists that can convey a story effectively, and King C.P is one of those rare gems.


Even the interlude track “By Myself” is engaging in it’s own right. 


The album also features other artists, including Landon, Zaee, and Nick Tyree. Every one of these featured songs are absolutely worth a listen.


To sum it up, King C.P is not only a hip-hop artist, but also an effective storyteller. This is quite rare, and is definitely worth a listen.


Check out King C.P’s album THE EVOLUTION on Spotify today!



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