Stuart Styron, "When I Hit the Time Ghost of the 22nd Century"

review by Adam Jones


Stuart Styron is an electronic artist based out of Germany. Styron's sound is definitely artistic while maintaining an appeal that allows him to fit right him in with the mainstream listener. 


What's interesting about Stuart Styron is that he is not just a musician, but rather an artistic storyteller. This attribute helps to shape his music and set it apart from the crowd.


Stuart Styron just released an album titled "When I Hit the Time Ghost of the 22nd Century." His sound is truly experimental and seems to follow in the footsteps of the Gorillaz when they first came out - the music grabs you and doesn't let go.


Standouts on the album include "The Time is a Shame," which is reminisicent of 1980's rock group The Cure.


Keep a look out for Stuart Styron, and check out his album below!