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St. Geo - “Like Belly” - Powerful Hip-Hop Track Makes Waves


I had the pleasure of reviewing St. Geo’s brand new banger, “Like Belly.” The song is the second single from his upcoming album “Stomach.”


“Like Belly” opens with beautiful, ethereal female vocals which paint a sonic dreamscape that transports you to another world. St. Geo’s second melodic vocal hook then enters, adding yet another powerful layer to this musical scene. An 808 build leads us to the conclusion of the intro, where St. Geo then delivers the climactic line, “Belly of the beast, couldn’t stomach that!”


From here, you get whacked in the face with a hard-hitting groove at the verse. It’s truly awesome, and it’s impossible to not bob your head to the music. The production slams hard and heavy.


St. Geo’s vocal agility is better than most of the Billboard chart-topping rappers from today, and you can’t stop moving to the music. Paired with soaring, airy vocal melodies, the track sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. What a powerful tune.


This track is a BANGER! Check out “Like Belly” by St. Geo on Spotify, and be sure follow him on Instagram!