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XXL LAVATEAM - Purveyors of Musical Progression - Pushing the Boundaries of Music

What’s up everybody? Adam Jones here with a review for artist XXL LAVATEAM. This project is genius - the music so accurately portrays the name - the music doesn’t only feel HOT, it feels like it’s BURNING UP - as in, I am being fully engulfed in scorching hot lava. That’s how intense they are, and it’s fantastic.

The first song on the docket is “Listen,” an intense dark urban-pop song with deep bass synths and an aggressive vibe. The vocals are driven and thrown to the walls of an echo chamber, accurately reflecting the main hook “Why won’t you listen!?” You can literally feel the intensity in their performance - this is extremely hard to do in a recording. I am getting the same energy from this recording that I do at a live show with seasoned performers - this is not a skill that is TAUGHT, rather one that you are born with.

The next track is XXL LAVATEAM X BOOM THE BOMB “LOADED” featuring Skrilla Kaine and Skrilla Green. This track has more of a chilled-out vibe while still retaining the same underlying energy heard in the production of “Listen.” The beats are slick. The vocal performance is articulate yet laid-back. They again demonstrate rare qualities that separate the amateurs from the pros.

I also absolutely love this theme of “Take this chance and take a break and roll some weed.” There are so many “serious” tracks right now about being stuck inside with COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s starting to get annoying. The world needs a cool track like this that’s fun yet still fit for the club.

XXL LAVATEAM are real pros, yet they have the passion of newcomers. If you haven’t checked out XXL LAVATEAM, you should. They will be in many Top 40 playlists very soon.








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