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MADSTRING - GREEN (Exenye Remix) - a musical work of art

We've got some amazing music by German producer EXENYE, an acclaimed music producer who’s about to break through to the big time. We had the honor of reviewing the musical journey remix MADSTRING - GREEN (Exenye Remix).

The track starts with a space-age synth and lots of nice ambience, followed by a deep drumbeat. The kick/bass interplay is infectious - they play so perfectly off one another. The frequencies are perfectly tuned to bring you into a hypnotic state of absolute bliss - perfect musical balance is very difficult to achieve, and yet Exenye does this masterfully.

Two minutes into the track, Exenye takes us into another world with extended synthesizer play and further atmospheric scene-setting. It feels like I’m watching a movie from an audible perspective - it’s truly mesmerizing.

At 3:30, we get thrown down into an intense sonic structure with an even heavier 4 on the floor drum pattern. We have now entered the club, and the club is refusing to let my attention go. This is amazing.

The song finishes out with a fading industrial pattern and rain trickling all around. This is truly a work of art.

Exenye is a music producer to look out for. DO NOT miss out on EXENYE and this amazing track! Check out the links below:

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