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YURY KUNETS "REFLECTION" - A triumph of the millenium

Today we’ve got a review hot off the presses for the album REFLECTION by Russian composer/producer YURY KUNETS. It’s not often we get such high-caliber orchestral music, and I can honestly say this is on par or better than many of the greats of today, including Danny Elfman & Hans Zimmer!

Yury is a seasoned composer who started his career in the “Impulse Five,” a rock band that made waves in the 1980s. He did this for many years, and in 2004 started working on musical television projects as a producer. By 2011, he was off to a great start in the composition world, where he had already begun to earn acclamations for working with huge artists. He then went on to record his album “Renaissance” in 2011 with the Wroclaw Score Orchestra.

Yury Kunets has a brand new album that just dropped on Spotify, titled “REFLECTION.” This album is AMAZING, full of fun themes and exciting orchestration. The album starts with the track “Memories” and is full of beautiful, soaring melodies and gorgeous string arrangements.

Another amazing track off the album is “You,” a cerebral and emotional track that begins with a small quartet, followed by floating woodwinds. It builds into a giant, reflective mountain of sound before pulling back towards it’s cerebral roots.

Every other song on this album really is amazing, but the choice to close out with the track “Fairy Tale” was a great decision. It’s fun and feels like all the best elements of a Disney soundtrack. The theme that comes in at 4:04 on the song is really captivating, and has elements of George Gershwin and Aaron Copeland.

Check out YURY KUNETS and his brand new album REFLECTION on Spotify today!


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