ManLikeb.Dot - THE RISING. Yes, this is the good stuff!

Ah yes, the good stuff. That's what I immediately think when listening to London artist ManLikeb.Dot and his single, "The Rising." Old school (good times) hip-hop vibes mixed with elements from the modern grime scene.

The track starts with a gnarly flute line (just listen, trust me), followed by a grooving bass guitar and upbeat dirty drum machine. ManLikeb.Dot starts spitting, and it rocks. It's obvious that ManLikeb.Dot is an accomplished rapper. There are some rappers out there that make me wonder how they do it so quickly and articulate so well. ManLikeb.Dot is exactly that - his skills have me turning my head in confusion. It's like a magic trick. ManLikeb.Dot is obviously a natural rapper, although I'm sure there has also been many years of practice.

While listening to this track, I can't stop bobbing my head up and down - it's impossible. It's as if ManLikeb.Dot IS a human drum machine - a vintage, warm, edgy drum machine that makes you wanna bounce forever and ever.

There are hints of American 90's hip-hop acts as well, which honestly makes me super happy. This is an awesome track!

Be sure to check out "The Rising" by ManLikeb.Dot on the FRESHLY FARMED Featured Artists Spotify Playlist, or at the links below!