DANJUL - FADED DESTINY - the anthem of the lockdown generation

Echoing notes of The Weeknd and other modern R&B/Soul Crossover artists, Danjul is new to the scene but certainly doesn't sound like a newcomer. The song "Faded Destiny" clearly demonstrates an elevated sense of artistry akin to other hit artists today, and maybe even more so because this song reflects the sentiment that many of us are feeling during these strange times.

The track starts with a suspensful piano, which is broken up by an abrupt tape stop. The bulk of the song then begins, with a laid-back groove and dark chord progressions. Danjul's vocals are undeniably fantastic - his skill is obvious. There is auto-tune on the vocal, but it's purely a stylistic effect, not used for correction as so many artists need. The auto-tune adds to the artistry of the song.

The atmosphere of the song PERFECTLY echoes the main hook of the song, "I'm so sick and tired of waiting, tell me now, tell me now where to find you."

That lyric hook plays perfectly at this time in history. We're all so sick and tired of waiting - we have to wait in order to save lives during these COVID-19 uncertain times. This song is incredibly relatable. Take a listen on the FRESHLY FARMED Official Spotify playlist, or at the links below!


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