Our featured track today is SYNESTHESIA by Padre Tóxico - an electronic artist with a unique vibe. His music is moving, inspiring, and also perfect for any type of nightlife your heart desires. “Synesthesia” opens up with a hypnotic percussive synthesizer loop, and transports you to another world. It builds with energy, eventually coming into a groove complete with driving bass drum and complex electronic percussion.

The vibe of this track is really awesome. The loops seamlessly build on top of each other, rocketing you to another dimension. It's as if you’re traveling through space while simultaneously dancing the night away!

Be sure to be on the lookout for Padre Toxico!

Check out PADRE TOXICO on our very own FRESHLY FARMED Official Spotify Playlist today, or at the links below! All of Toxico's other tracks are FIRE too. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!