FREEDOM by Rachel Maree, Kafeeno

With everybody cooped up indoors as a result of the international coronavirus lockdowns, there is a greater need to feel unencumbered, inspired, and free. Entertaining oneself with the different forms of media is of CRITICAL importance in a time like this.

That is why the song FREEDOM by Rachel Maree and Kafeeno is more important than ever. This song has a throwback beat and is fun - but the vibe now feels like it transports you to a simpler time (which certainly wouldn't have been SIMPLE before coronavirus.) The story in the verse is really interesting with a tiny bit of humor and drama, I might add.

Freedom would be the perfect theme song to a hit primetime television show right now - I honestly can't think of a better theme than at this point in time. Wish I was in a music supervision position right now! (all you TV & film music supervisors, check out this track!)

We all want to feel FREEDOM, and while we can't actually be out on the world truly "free" (without a mask and social distancing, anyway), at least we have this song! Be sure to check out "FREEDOM" by Kafeeno and Rachel Maree on Spotify and Apple Music! (the rest of Kafeeno's songs on Spotify are pretty awesome too).

FREEDOM is now also on our FRESHLY FARMED playlist, alongside Billboard Top 40 alt rockers Island Apollo and OneRepublic!

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