Rich Marcello "The Big Wide Calm"


Rich Marcello's The Big Wide Calm: A Novel is a different kind of album of sorts. Actually, it's not an album at all - it's a book! But one might confuse it with an album because it depicts the creation of one.

The novel follows Paige, a musically gifted girl who is unknowingly about to break into the big time thanks in part to a chance run-in with former singer/songwriter John Bustin. Chance is soon realized as destiny. The book follows their collaborative musical journey, documenting their challenges while making the record. As the back page reads, "Before they can change the world through Paige's music, the improbable duo must learn to work together."

It's no surprise that the novel has a 5-star rating on Amazon - the storyline immediately makes you want to delve into author Rich Marcello's world. The book is getting a ton of buzz, and we here at The Music Farmer decided it was necessary to give this one coverage!

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