Morris 8, "Captived"

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Want some great music to listen to while enjoying a top-shelf whiskey? Well Morris 8 is the band for you. This band has roots dating back to the 90's, and through various incarnations and band member changes (much like "fun." and their previous incarnations of "Steel Train" and "The Format") it sounds like Morris 8 has found the right configuration.

"Captivated" is a gorgeous song, which sounds somewhat like 311 mixed with Third Eye Blind and old-school Robin Thicke. The chorus melody is expressive and tucks at you emotionally as the vocal melody throws some tasteful dissonance as the end of each phrase.

Honestly, I don't say this about a lot of music I review - THIS is a band to keep your eyes on. They are well equipped to handle the mainstream, and I think the radio world is lacking an act like this. Check out Morris 8 today!!

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