CHRISTMAS CHARITY: Raising money for animals with "Two Farmers"

Two Farmers are a group out of Burbank, California. They sound like a mix between The Beach Boys, Karen Carpenter, and The Strokes. Their music emits epicness while also bringing out beauty and nostalgia. Harking back to the traditional Four Freshman-style vocal harmonies, Two Farmers was born out of a desire to emulate the sounds of the groups upbringing. Growing up in Southern California around family members heavily involved in the entertainment business (including The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Warner Brothers, Sci-Fi television, and NBC actors), Two Farmers truly did a great job showcasing their family talents.

The production is truly unique on this track. The vocals sound like they are doubled or maybe even tripled/quadrupled in a Brian Wilson-esque fashion. It sounds like they opted for chamber delays and reverbs, echoing back to the production techniques of The Beach Boys and the Beatles from the 1960's.

"Christmas Time" is their new single for the Christmas season. What's better is they are donating half of all their proceeds to the Animal Shelter in Burbank! Check it out below:

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