What do you get when Mumford & Sons and the singer of Brand New has a kid with Brian Wilson? You get Silent Sleep!


Silent Sleep is the music project of UK-based singer/songwriter Christopher McIntosh, whom started Silent Sleep back in 2010 in Germany. Now residing in Liverpool, it looks like Silent Sleep is about to make a HUGE splash.


Silent Sleep has released a music video for their song "On the Steps of the Bombed Out Church," and it is truly nothing short of AMAZING. Not only is the song a work of art, but the video is an art in itself as well. Director by famed music film whiz Danny Drysdale, the video compliments the emotional nature of the song. Even without the music video, "On the Steps of the Bombed Out Church" is truly a masterpiece of a composition. It is also one of the best representations of what I believe is his success in creating a sound that showcases the best elements from artists like Brian Wilson and The Shins, while staying true to the new and unique sound of Silent Sleep.


Another standout is "I Wish it Could Be Different," a song with yet another amazing (animated) music video. 


This is honestly some of the best music I have heard all year - I doubt that Silent Sleep will be quiet on his way to the top!




"On the Steps of the Bombed Out Church" (Music Video) also on left:



"I Wish It Could Be Different" (Music Video):



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