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Second Hand Mojo - “Open Up Your Mind” - pioneers of the rock resurgence craft new hit single

July 14, 2020

Review by Wolf Georgia


MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia here with a brand new eview for SECOND HAND MOJO and their unreleased single, “Open Up Your Mind” (dropping everywhere July 31!). 


Second Hand Mojo hails from Detroit. They have cemented their reputation as the quintessential “new classic rock n’ roll” band while retaining the gritty, edgy signature Detroit vibrations that is so critical to the rock revolution. Their sound consists of epic guitar solos, soaring harmonies, and jammable backbeats. Second Hand Mojo brings the best elements from the golden age of rock n’ roll even further into the new millennium with a timeless sound for the ages.


“Open Up Your Mind” opens up with an epic piano progression, followed by an even more epic guitar solo. I can’t help but get the same feelings I get while listening to Journey’s anthem “Don’t Stop Believing” - that is, an undeniable sense that I am listening to a hit song that definitely resonates with millions of people. “Open Up Your Mind” has all those critical hit-making elements, and perhaps even more - it has a raw edge that speaks to the confidence in musicality. These are real musicians, playing real music, connecting with audiences on a real human level - there is no hiding behind drastic Auto-Tune effects, bad drum samples, or fake guitars. This is real.


“Open Up Your Mind” has another combination of secret weapons - amazing harmonies blended on top of a tight rhythm section. Why is this unique? It’s a combination you don’t hear today, ever- they have accomplished this feat with ease. Oftentimes harmonies are presented to the listener while being jammed through machines - perhaps even just duplicating the lead harmony and generating fake intervals on top. If these harmonies are performed without the machines, it is often done by an amateur-esque indie band that can barely keep the rhythm section together. 


The sound of confident, natural musicianship (aka a competent rhythm section) and confident, natural harmonization is almost never accomplished appropriately today - and yet, Second Hand Mojo DOES accomplish this. I love it.


The lead vocals are so cool, echoing a similar tone that was often heard during the glory days of rock n’ roll and no longer appear on the radio today. It’s extremely refreshing to be thrust into the world of Second Hand Mojo - I can honestly say I do not hear these sounds coming from a modern band, and it’s very much needed in these times.


Second Hand Mojo is releasing “OPEN UP YOUR MIND” on July 31, 2020. Check out the promo video below for a sneak peak, and don’t forget to connect with Second Hand Mojo on platforms everywhere!