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Ruzie Riu - A Truly Unique Artist Storms the Streamwaves

May 21, 2020

Review by Wolf Georgia


Hello friends! MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA here today with a brand spanking-new review for rising artist RUZIE RIU! I can honestly say she has a truly unique sound that I’ve never heard before.


Ruzie Riu is the perfect example of someone who pushes her music forward. It’s clear that Ruzie Riu is not afraid to take risks as heard on the track “Money,” which explores different sonic worlds with complex keyboards and rhythmic vocalizations. As the lyric proclaims, “I work too hard no time to speak.” She may not be speaking per se, but there is no doubt she IS singing!


Another featured track is “Why Do I,” a song with a strong reggaeton backbeat. Ruzie Riu lays it down with vocal layering that goes right up into the stratosphere. As she says in the song, “I can’t do this no more.” Well, it sounds to me like she IS doing it!


Another featured track pick is “Rock with U,” a track with an uptempo backbeat and party vocals.


Ruzie Riu is working in collaboration with record label MONGROOVE. 


To find out more about RUZIE RIU go to the links below, and be sure to stay up to date with Ruzie Riu on platforms everywhere!


Why Do I:

Rock with U: